“His playing is the very definition of restraint, authority, and dynamics - chill guitar music at its most chill.” - Vintage Guitar Magazine 

“There’s something quite original about Sabler’s elegant approach to instrumental guitar jazz.” - 20th Century Guitar Magazine 

“Les Sabler has amazing chops and musicality.” - Jazz Monthly 

"Les Sabler, an up-and-coming jazz artist, is no doubt on his way to becoming one of jazz's greats." - Orlando Leisure 

“A shimmering guitar style that is sleek, chic and sexy.” - Players Magazine 

“Where virtuosity meets emotion.” - Smooth Jazz Daily 

“Beautiful in the extreme…picture perfect playing.” - Smooth Jazz Therapy 

“Stellar production and mesmerizing guitar work.” - Smooth Jazz Now 

“Sabler brings fresh vibrancy, fluidity and sparkle to his trademark super melodic, coolly infectious mid-tempo style.” – SmoothJazz.com 

“Vibrant guitar harmonies, memorable melodies, and funky R&B grooves. A memorable musical experience from start to finish, ‘Tranquility’ is a modern day, instrumental jazz classic.” – Roots Music Report